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MK-Ultra through the ages

In the early days of the Cold War, the CIA ordered the creation of a secret programme intended to find ways of mind control. They funded an army of psychiatric institutions across the United States and Canada to perform experiments on patients using psychedelic drugs, sensory deprivation, electroshock treatment and more. The programme was known by its now infamous code name: MK-Ultra.


Welcome to iUpgreat: Tech for human greatness.
In the near future, mandatory, implanted, electronic chips integrated with AI will help human evolution. We will be free of illnesses, diseases and live longer lives. We soon become nothing but a shell for fast growing, self-aware technology – all connected and programmed to search for those that didn’t comply. A team of gen-xers with knowledge of 1980’s BASIC code is humanity’s only hope. Have an Upgreat day!

Giant Myxomycetes

Myxomycetes, fascinating organisms often referred to as slime molds, possess a unique and intriguing method of movement as they navigate their environment in search of prey or favorable conditions. Born from spores, much like mushrooms, these creatures exhibit amoeba-like mobility, pulsating and flowing as large, gelatinous masses at a pace of approximately 1 centimeter per hour. While most Myxomycetes are harmless, one extraordinary species has evolved to hunt for prey, growing to colossal proportions and slowly but menacingly traversing the Earth’s terrain. Their enormous size and gradual movement make them a captivating and, in some cases, ominous presence in the natural world, underscoring the remarkable diversity of life on our planet.

Black Sea Creatures

During the turn of the century, Black Sea fishermen embarked on awe-inspiring expeditions in pursuit of legendary sea monsters, and these remarkable photos provide a glimpse into their astonishing catches. These brave souls ventured into the unknown, casting their nets and lines in hopes of encountering the elusive creatures that had captured the imagination of coastal communities for generations. The authenticity of these sea monsters remains shrouded in mystery, and while their existence continues to elude conclusive proof, sporadic sightings and intriguing reports suggest that the enigma of these deep-sea denizens endures, perpetuating the enduring fascination with the secrets that lie beneath the Black Sea’s enigmatic depths

Cloud Seeding Robots

In the mid-1930s, a remarkable solution emerged to combat the devastating Dust Bowl in the American Midwest: the construction of massive cloud seeding robots. These towering machines were designed with the ambitious goal of conjuring thunderstorms to provide much-needed relief to the parched and arid lands. For a brief period, these colossal contraptions seemed like the answer to the farmers’ prayers, as the rains they summoned nurtured the withered crops, promising a resurgence of agriculture. However, with the arrival of World War II and the urgent need for materials and resources, the rain-making robots were decommissioned and repurposed for the war effort. Their metal frames and intricate components found new life as crucial parts for military machinery, leaving behind a curious chapter in history when giant robots briefly tamed the skies over the Dust Bowl.