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What we do
We create award-winning design work – Graphic design for logos, print ads and posters. We create beautiful, functional website designs and banners for social media pages. We have a vast knowledge of publication design and the printing industry.

With decades of marketing and advertising experience, creative copywriting and professional photography, we grow small businesses into big businesses.

That’s Brand Power.
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Where we are

We’re based in Hernando, Mississippi. (That’s 20 miles south of Memphis) We have huge, creative ideas, design and branding solutions for a small town creative design firm. We serve all of north Mississippi and the Memphis area. Contact us today to fuel your business.

Branded Ad Campaigns

New print campaign for OEMTOOLS. “THE TOOLS YOU NEED.”  I rebranded the logo colors and developed the new tagline, Made for Mechanics.
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Elegant & effective design

Email marketing campaigns for Rechat: a real estate marketing company that sells online marketing material for Brokers and Agents.
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Auto dealership ads

A perfect headline for the May 2020 Chuck Hutton Toyota ad. The 4Runner can take you away from the crowds and into pristine nature.
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I’m having a lot of fun creating content with AI. I am proficient in Midjourney, PikaLabs, ChatGPT, and I like keeping up with the latest AI trends and art applications.

The Good, The Bad and The Dark Side

Movie trailer for “The Good, The Bad and The Dark Side”. In 1968, the silver screen witnessed a groundbreaking fusion of genres with Clint Eastwood’s iconic presence in a futuristic spaghetti western/sci-fi masterpiece.

Iron Man, 1915

Back in 1915, well before the era of superheroes, the silent film “Iron Man” made its debut on the silver screen. Viewers were entranced, sparking the concept of a sequel for the inaugural “blockbuster” film among producers for the very first time.

War Of Stars

During the Golden Age of Hindi Cinema in the mid-1940s, a pioneering science fiction film introduced the term “Bollywood”. The year 1945 saw the release of “War of Stars”, a highly successful Bollywood sci-fi epic that captivated audiences worldwide with its unforgettable characters.

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Adam Mitchell

Adam Mitchell

Branding Solutioneer at ImageFuel

Adam has done many things over the past two decades; all relating in creative advertising and marketing. He started in the outdoor advertising industry where he mastered the art of copywriting and clever headlines. From outdoor, he moved on to other advertising mediums such as digital indoor advertising where he was Creative Director at a digital network reaching over three million college students.
Seeking a more creative environment, Adam found jobs where he could utilize his talents over many advertising mediums like web, social media and print. He won several awards for poster designs and other promotional print material while he was Art Director at Memphis in May.
Adam owned and published DeSoto magazine for ten years after that. Coming up with feature stories, dealing with local advertisers, talking to them about their advertising goals, creating their ads, designing the magazine from cover to cover, and running the magazine’s social media and printing were daily tasks and challenges.
Adam knows advertising. He knows how to brand a company and create a memorable and effective advertising campaign. He prefers to work with clients that want to think big. That’s what Brand Power is all about.
That’s what ImageFuel does best.